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Errr... Yeah, those reviews.

Lindsey Friar Photography

Wal-Mart specialty cakes:

We went ahead and went with a wedding cake from Wal-Mart. Just picked one of the ones from the book, same colors, etc. Chocolate cake, vanilla buttercream. Three tiers. No silly topper. Came out to be something like $124, half of which was put down as a deposit the day we ordered it. We ordered it something like a week or two before the wedding. It was ready for pick-up the morning of.

It looked very nice. It wasn't dry, as some people complain of with storebought cakes. The frosting wasn't bad either. I trimmed down a dozen roses to stick into the top. Also didn't look that terrible.

My photographer will have to forgive me, but I'm posting photos she took. :P
Lindsey Friar Photography

It was tasty and we enjoyed it. It was PLENTY big enough for our small wedding. Thanks, Wal-Mart. Even if the girl who took our order was a bit of a grump. :)

Tasted good
Looked good
Didn't need a long advance order
Was ready morning of the wedding
I do recommend this, especially if you're not looking to drop $200+ on a cake.

Flowers from

My mother said I could order $200 worth flowers. Yeah, that doesn't seem like a lot to some people. That's okay, because I didn't really want a lot of flowers.

 Mini Calla Lilies

I ordered both of these, set to deliver two days before the wedding to my parents' house which I had the time to head down there before my class that day to accept the order.

Well, the calla lilies arrived. Within about 5 minutes, (enough time for me to rip into the box), I received a phone call from a representative saying that I'd have my order that morning (Already had it!) and to notify me that the carnations got held in customs(!!) and would arrive the next day. Grrreeaaattt.... Luckily, I was able to leave a note before I had to rush off for a family member who would be home during the next day to accept my order and prep the flowers for me to work on that night. They did arrive and they were taken care of, so all's well. Unexpected things do happen and I'm not silly enough to think otherwise. :)

20 Calla lilies isn't a whole lot. I know they were minis, too, but still smaller than I anticipated. I wound up not using most of them, so it was kind of a waste. A shame, too, because I really wanted them.

The carnations were great. It's a combo pack of four different shades of purple - 20 of each - which turned out fantastic. I had plenty to make the bouquets (four. Mine, two bridesmaid bouquets, and a throwing bouquet which didn't get used because I said, "Here put this in the fridge" to my maid of honor and she put it in the freezer and didn't realize until it was frozen solid hahahaha. <3)

I also just picked up a random bouquet of flowers and baby's breath from Wal-Mart to fill in with. Lilies, daisies, roses, the like. So glad I did.

Not a great picture and doesn't do them all justice, but it's all I was able to get. Was kind of busy.

I also made boutonierres (Ended up hating the ribbon ones I made). Making bouquets and bouts was an interesting experience, since I've never done anything like that before. One of the people hanging around the house that day (guest of my brother's) asked me where I learned to do this stuff. "Hahaha, I have no idea what I'm doing."

Easy ordering
Unexpected delay on half of order
Calla lilies not quite what I expected
Carnations were great and a hardy flower
Well packaged, nothing wrong with flowers
Also packaged with care instructions

Still, despite the holdover in customs, I would recommend FiftyFlowers. They were prompt on communication, flowers were good quality.

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