Monday, December 20, 2010

Dice Bags

It was a spur of the moment idea but I kept with it and just LOVE how they turned out.

I wasn't sure what to give my fiancé's brother, but wanted it to be something useful. As the both of them love Magic: The Gathering, I usually use that as a starting point. Last year, I made a full set of mana symbol pendants for my fiancé and an island symbol pendant for his brother. My fiancé loves his set and frequently wears them.

I somehow decided on dice bags (or whatever-else-they-want-to-put-in-them bags). I used the same thing I used for my steampunk goggles for the outside - that is, a black canvas apron to give a different life, but I also wanted to make the lining of each bag different. I used various scrap fabrics we have lying around here and love how all of them came out.

First and second
Marbles are great.

My first attempt yielded a bag I thought was a little small, but it's actually perfectly suited to hold a standard set of dice. Its small size only really made sewing the top difficult. I was pleased to find we still had this particular bit of fabric left because its pattern is just a lot of ocean waves, which I thought would be perfect for my fiancé's brother because he loves playing blue decks.

I know for a fact my dear beau would love to have a dice bag, especially to go along with the bag I painted for him for his birthday that he now uses for all of his MtG stuff. He loves anything green, so I used some green satin from my Bellossom costume to line it. I absolutely love how the satin looks.

I wanted to use the black canvas because I felt it would make them more durable.

Black satin and some red fabric joined in on the party.

Additionally, I used some old shoelaces to string them and decided I needed to make some kind of bead real quick out of polymer clay with two holes to run the laces through, then tie a knot to tie off the bag so that the knot wouldn't slip into the channel they're strung through and be impossible to untie again. (I'm aware this sentence is a massive run-on.)

Monday, December 13, 2010

Teddiursa Hat

Well, my fiancé took my foxy ear hat I made hostage and refuses to give it back. Except - however - under one condition: He wants a teddiursa hat. CAN DO!

It started off the same as my foxy ear hat, but with rounded ears instead of pointy ears.
The Ackbar says: It's a TRAP!
But most importantly and identifying about Teddiursa is the forehead-moon. I'm still working on how I can best sew details and things on. I used a wider zig-zag stitch for my Luvdisc plushies (Which I suddenly realize I don't think I made a post about) which worked but I'm not sure if I was 100% satisfied with it. I used a much narrower zigzag on the moon and tried to stay close to the edge of it, then doubled back over it again. I'm relatively pleased with the outcome.

It's... a HUGE moon.

I also pinched the ears in the middle and stitched it. Just cause. :>

I hope he loves it. <3

Saturday, December 4, 2010

Yeah, it's that unfortunate time of the year again

I'm not a fan of "the season" - since it's people that ruin the whole thing for me. People everywhere, not minding people around them, being rude and impatient in stores. Parking lots. Check outs. Roads.

Alas, I still like to make ornaments - regardless of if I have a tree or not.

Little presents.

These are sort of fun. Made from felt, stuffed with poly-fill and some polybead things for like... beanie babies for some added weight.

I'm currently doing some green ones and some gold/purple ones. ^_^

These buttons are gorgeous. And old.
I also whipped this tree up.