Saturday, April 21, 2012


Not really craft related, but figured I'd write a post out anyway.

I'm about a week into really going "No-Poo" (No Shampoo). For me, the choice wasn't about going green like it is for a lot of people. My hair's just really long and taking care of it gets to be a chore sometimes. I know part of the reason the latter half of it is in the condition it is. There's no oils getting down there and conditioners aren't doing the job. I'm hoping that by not stripping away the natural oils with shampoo, it'll help.

I'm not going to write a long post about the benefits of not using shampoo, this, that, and the other. Just a brief spill on what I'm doing right now. There's a plethora of resources out there that will give you more information.

Rather than quit shampoo completely and just wash my hair with hot water, I'm using baking soda mostly on the scalp. After rinsing, I do an apple cider vinegar rinse and wash all of that out after a minute or two - this is to combat the drying effect of the baking soda. I only do this three times a week (which is how often I was washing my hair before anyway.) I either let my hair air dry or I braid it.

Not excessively oily hair this way. (If you just totally quit shampoo, the transitional period is going to look pretty dodgy until your body readjusts.)I'm not completely sure, but I may even go so far as to say my hair feels better when I run my fingers through it.
Apple cider vinegar - the smell is faint after you rinse it out, but the smell goes away after your hair dries. I may try lemon juice as an alternative.

This is only the first week and hair care is a long process, so I'm going to keep on with it and see how it goes. After possibly 4-6 weeks of this process, I may drop it altogether and just wash with hot water.

Wikipedia article on "No Poo"
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