Sunday, April 1, 2012

Back to costumes

The husband and I are heading to Dragon*Con together this year. It'll be his first convention and he wants to cosplay. It's still months away, but I have started on his costume already.

I'm working with and doing a lot of things I haven't before. I have to make some actual props and things. A lot of detail work. I'm having a lot of fun with this.

1) The shoulder guard is made from craft foam sheets. I used metal rivets and button snaps.
2) The foot guards are also made with craft foam sheets and metal rivets. There's also some elastic to stretch under the boot to hold it in place better.
3) The prayer beads are polymer clay. How I love the stuff.
4) I've never done applique before, but I am now for the white stripes along the navy blue on the robe.
5) The jug prop is a cardboard skeleton and expanding foam carved to the right shape. I then covered it with spackle (The stuff you fill in holes in the wall with). That's as far as it is right now until I sand and finish it.
6) Our kitten tries to help. Tries.

And of course, this is all going to eventually become:
Auron from Final Fantasy X
I have not yet started on the sword or any of the clothes aside from the robe. The sword's going to be a lot of fun. :D

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