Monday, May 16, 2011

More Stamping and Things

Even though we still are not remotely close to the wedding, I find myself thinking about Thank You cards now. I wanted to do more rubber stamping with those to go with the invitation suites I am going to make, so I picked up a Thank You stamp to play with.

Though it was just quick playing around, with no real idea of what I wanted to do. My silver ink is kind of blotty it seems. I only remembered after using black that I had gold/silver inks, so I stamped over the black and it looks like some weird drop shadow. For my wedding thank you cards, I'd of course use a cardstock that matches our colors, instead of this dark red. The stamping I was just seeing how I could use up white space if I used 1/4 of the cardstock sheet instead of half as I did in the left card.

I added in purple to my boutonnieres though!

I'm probably going to remake my boutonnieres [and matching corsages, assuredly] with different ribbon because I won't be able to find any that matches the color I had for these and I need more than what I had. It's about one yard of ribbon to make one rosette and the spool I bought to play with was only three yards.

I did manage to stumble upon the wedding area of Hobby Lobby and found all the little bits and pieces for bouts and corsages and things. Little sparkly sprigs of happyface. I'm going to have to go back sometime, but I just can't decide what I want to work on first. I want to do anything and everything I can for my own wedding, because I want to put my own two hands to work on whatever I can. Except the cake. And dress. Those are the only two things I don't want to make. Maybe bouquets, too. I can't decide if I want fresh flowers or silk - I'm an immense packrat as it is, so either way...

Centerpieces, corsages, boutonnieres, appropriate gifts, invitations, thank you cards.... the list grows.

Tuesday, May 3, 2011

First Blood

There's some battle wounds, here. There's a spider living somewhere in or on my desk that keeps making appearances and has lost a few legs in the process every time I throw something at it. Also, first blood has been drawn so it's on now, wedding. You and me. Pinpricks are not friendly and, much like papercuts, have a lingering pain no one likes.

I'm still trying to just come up with ideas for things to work on this summer. I made some ribbon roses a few weeks back from some sort of off-white satin ribbon, then tried it with some purple organza ribbon I found I don't like quite as much. I want to try and make boutonnieres, which is proving a little more difficult than I first assessed.

Just killed the spider after weeks of waging war. Victory!

 Tonight, I finally did a little more than just the rose and tried to add the [technical term incoming] "stem thingy".

It's really more impressive in person?
I left a "tail" when making the rosette and improvised making the stem part with a piece of paper on my desk by folding it up, wrapping the tail around it and stapling it. I used a grosgrain ribbon in lime green and wrapped it around the paper stem-majigger. I also flipped it a couple times at the top in back for "leaves". I hand-stitched it all to keep it secure and came up with this mess. I don't hate it. I just want to figure out a way to work in some...thing... purple without over-doing it.

Should I figure out a "proper way" to do this, with replicable results, I want to make a full set - groom, best man (I doubt we'll go beyond into groomsmen), father of bride, and father of groom. I also want to make matching corsages for the lady counterparts, but that will be figured out later. Haha.

I did manage figuring out how I wanted my invitations done and the lovely lad agrees, so I'll be actually making those later on. Invitation, direction card, RSVP and matching RSVP & mailing envelopes lined in a pretty-pretty purple paper.