Thursday, June 23, 2011

A couple projects

Head, ears, tail, feet stuffed with polyfill, body filled with plushie beads. Hand stitched on the yellow detail cut from fleece. Felt eyes with acrylic paint detail. Hand-sewn nose.


Made this one back in January when my beau came down with a flu and I thought he needed a friend. The white parts are cut from a pair of old socks. :D  I had a terrible time with this because at the time, I didn't have any fabric scissors so cutting was just absolute hell. As a result, some pieces turned out funny - the face, for example, is a little derpy.

Original plushie design by: renegar-kitsune

"Bonsai Bag" purse

Canvas material inside and out; I love this thing. It helped me figure out zippers.


Pattern by Rae at

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