Monday, November 1, 2010

Polymer Clay - Boo's new hat!

Last year, I made a Christmas ornament for my boyfriend(fiancé) which was Boo (From Mario!) with a Santa hat.   See below(photos from before he was glazed :<) :
   I love him. He's great. However my fiancé's complaint is that his Santa hat is no bueno for the rest of the year! I agree.

He'll look absolutely smashing!
I'm already getting started on making some Christmas presents, so whatever. Boo will receive a dapper little top hat this holiday season.

For inquiring minds:  Boo is an aluminum foil core covered in polymer clay. While I didn't capture it in the picture, his backside does taper out into a tail. Hats have a hole run through them before baking big enough for the hanging loop to be strung through it and hold it on.

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