Saturday, November 6, 2010

Noms - Gummi Candies

My fiancé and I picked up this candy cookbook a while back and I just adore this book. I made some gummi candies using the "gummy bear" recipe it has. It's the second time I've used this recipe. I'm trying to make some of my candies be deliciously sour, so I'm experimenting around now.

WELL! I made them, impatiently waited for them to cool after pouring [i.e. I put them in the freezer for a short while], then cut them. Tip: Pizza cutters are amazing for this. Knives are a terrible, terrible idea.
Like delicious pieces of stained glass.
Yellow brick road?

Okay enough of that.   Now for coating them, I go with superfine sugar. For superfine sugar, I just throw granulated sugar into a blender for a minute to mash that stuff up well. Now that I have my citric acid, I went with about an 8:1 ratio of sugar to citric acid. Like I said, experimenting. I didn't really account for how sweet the candy itself would be against the coating.

Coated them all, separated them out, going to leave it out overnight and hope it firms up a bit more.

Next time: I'm going to add more citric acid into the sugar mixture of the candy itself. I'm having issues, though. I'm unsure how to make the candy firmer. Is it something to do with the amount of water going into the gelatin mixture or what? I don't like how super chewy and flimsy this stuff is. It makes me feel like my blood is thickening with every piece of this stuff is. Haha... :<

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