Tuesday, May 3, 2011

First Blood

There's some battle wounds, here. There's a spider living somewhere in or on my desk that keeps making appearances and has lost a few legs in the process every time I throw something at it. Also, first blood has been drawn so it's on now, wedding. You and me. Pinpricks are not friendly and, much like papercuts, have a lingering pain no one likes.

I'm still trying to just come up with ideas for things to work on this summer. I made some ribbon roses a few weeks back from some sort of off-white satin ribbon, then tried it with some purple organza ribbon I found I don't like quite as much. I want to try and make boutonnieres, which is proving a little more difficult than I first assessed.

Just killed the spider after weeks of waging war. Victory!

 Tonight, I finally did a little more than just the rose and tried to add the [technical term incoming] "stem thingy".

It's really more impressive in person?
I left a "tail" when making the rosette and improvised making the stem part with a piece of paper on my desk by folding it up, wrapping the tail around it and stapling it. I used a grosgrain ribbon in lime green and wrapped it around the paper stem-majigger. I also flipped it a couple times at the top in back for "leaves". I hand-stitched it all to keep it secure and came up with this mess. I don't hate it. I just want to figure out a way to work in some...thing... purple without over-doing it.

Should I figure out a "proper way" to do this, with replicable results, I want to make a full set - groom, best man (I doubt we'll go beyond into groomsmen), father of bride, and father of groom. I also want to make matching corsages for the lady counterparts, but that will be figured out later. Haha.

I did manage figuring out how I wanted my invitations done and the lovely lad agrees, so I'll be actually making those later on. Invitation, direction card, RSVP and matching RSVP & mailing envelopes lined in a pretty-pretty purple paper.

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